Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do I want to be skinny?/what are my goals?

The biggest question, after asking if I'm fat, is asking if I want to be skinny. The short answer is no. I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to be well. I think focusing on weight loss as opposed to an overall sustainable and healthy lifestyle is harmful to our wellness in the long run.

Wellness, to me, isn't just your height/weight ratio or if your skin looks good today--it's more than that. It's a state of well-being that is mental as well as physical, it's being comfortable in your own skin and having self-compassion, it's having joy in your body and in your life.

I am currently unwell.

I've been trying my darndest since 02/02/09, when I first turned that Wii Fit on, to become well. I think I've made some great strides, but every body has its limitations, and in the past couple months, I've come crashing headfirst into mine. From emergency oral surgery to emergency gallbladder surgery and extreme fatigue, I've recently been faced with a lot of physical challenges. It's a lot for anybody to deal with, and I'm tired of taking it lying down (often literally).

So, while being skinny isn't a good goal - it's too vague, it's not necessarily healthy, and you are often setting yourself up for failure with that goal - goals are important. Goals are even better when I'm publishing them in a public forum, because now the world is going to hold me accountable for reaching them. 

One of the biggest mistakes I've made and seen other people make when deciding they want to make some life changes is to try and do it all at once. Let's start small--eventually all those tiny changes will add up to a different life. So here's my first goal: Taking Stock of My Matter

I'm going to weigh myself daily and measure myself weekly (measuring both my mass--you can argue about the definition of mass in the comments, if you must--and the amount of space I'm taking up. That equals matter!). You might ask me, Why? You just said your goal wasn't getting skinny. You've got a point there, but my goal IS to feel like I'm at a healthier weight. My normal healthy weight is about 20 pounds less than what I currently weigh - if I don't get to that point on the scale, I'm okay with that - but that's where the measurements come in. I'd really like to be able to fit into a size 10 again. I'm going to make Adam take part in the mass & space bonanza, as a special bonus. 

You can look at our weight and measurements here. I've also made a permanent goals page for the blog. 

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