2011 has been quite the year for me & my husband Adam. In January, our car got totaled. In February, Adam broke his arm. In July, I ended up in the ER with gallbladder problems, then at the doctor's with fatigue issues. In between there have been oral surgeries, both emergency and scheduled, emergency root canals, and lots of other fun facets of life. In recent months, it's been extremely difficult to keep a positive outlook on life, much less to retain those good life habits that make up wellness. It's just recently that I've summoned the mental & physical strength to begin the journey back to a state of true well-being. 

This blog will include coverage on any & all aspects of that journey. While diet & exercise is probably what pops into your head first, I want to include any & all topics that contribute to my wellness. While what I eat and my activity level have a lot to do with it, I'm going to include posts on cleaning, organizing, interpersonal relationships, reading, work, pets, DIY projects, gardening, and almost anything else under the sun (and by "under the sun" I mean "affecting my sense of wellness").