Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goals Wednesday - Birthday Edition

All right, everyone, I'm back. You probably remember from my last entry that I was feeling overwhelmed and depressed, so I took a break from the blogosphere. Time for a triumphant return--you'll be glad to know I haven't been slacking on exercise, although I have been slacking on weighing myself. 

However, I was able to fit into a size eight at Banana Republic! I was a size 14 when I started this blog. The pants/jeans I ended up getting are a size ten, not because the eights didn't look fantastic (not to mention felt fantastic), but because the cut wasn't quite what I was looking for. If I'm buying one expensive pair of pants from Banana Republic so I have something that doesn't fall off my body, you best believe that they will be skinny, so I can wear them with boots. The skinny jeans were a little slimmer all over, as they tend to be, and I think I'm mostly a size ten anyways--that's also the size I wore in a fabulous Calvin Klein cocktail dress I tried on (but it was too small in the chest). 

Anyway. Today is my 25th birthday! I'm celebrating by taking today, tomorrow & Friday off work in order to relax and gear up for the holiday season. Saturday I'm going to Friendsgiving, a pre-Thanksgiving event with some dear friends, so I'm testing out a new vegan pumpkin recipe that I made up. I wrote down what I did, so I can actually duplicate it, which is something I desperately need to do with my strawberry rhubarb pie recipe. I do love pie. 

So, what are my goals? Well, obviously, get back on the horse and start blogging with better frequency. Make it through the holidays without gaining all the weight back! Try to enjoy the holiday season and remember all the things I have to be thankful for. So, nothing too difficult, right? It's been such a rough year, and I'd like these last parts to be full of celebration and thanks and no more disasters. My mom's surgery is on Monday, so let's all think positive thoughts for that, shall we? 

Meanwhile, wish me good luck with that pie. I'm about to take it out of the oven. If it's any good, I'll post the recipe!

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  1. Happy Birthday and keep up the good work! Hope your pie was wonderful.