Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post Juice Fast

Well hello! I took a little blogging break over the weekend/Halloween, but now I'm back, ready to share my thoughts on the end of my ten-day juice fast. 

Saturday (day 10) was a little rough. I knew the food was close, and so I just did what I could to stay busy and get through the day quickly. As a result, I rather feel like I didn't have much of a weekend, but that happens sometimes. I made it through! Sunday morning I was at New Seasons shortly after they opened, armed with a list and ready to shop. I suggest having a list if you haven't eaten solid food in ten days, lest you end up buying entire the store. I just wanted to be around food, really. 

To break my fast, I made a platter with fresh black mission figs, valencia almonds, a fuji apple, hummus, and pita. I also made myself a mimosa, as a little treat. I vastly overestimated the amount of food I could eat in one sitting! I was snacking on that plate and sipping on that mimosa for hours. It was great just to have the sensation of eating again, though, and I'm glad I chose some foods with varied textures and flavors. 

Most suggestions I've seen for transitioning back into solid foods have you eat vegan for a few days. For dinner, I made a broccoli white bean soup, which was vegan (except for the shaved parmesan garnish, which I did not have), and an upgraded caesar salad, which is not vegan, but I wasn't eating that. I made that for my darling husband Adam, who loves caesar salad. This fancy version used chard instead of romaine and was topped with a poached egg. I'd never tried to poach eggs before, but they turned out well! It turns out I can cook, when I put my mind to it. We had everything with some delicious homemade bread that was gifted to us, which I did partake in, despite the fact that both the bread and the butter I put on it were not vegan. 

I also made one of our fall/winter favorites - molasses crinkles, vegan-style. Since they are a depression-era recipe (courtesy of Betty Crocker), they use shortening instead of butter. The only non-vegan ingredient was the egg, but I use applesauce instead. The effect is so delicious, I prefer them to the non-vegan version. 

Yesterday, being Halloween, meant lots of treats were about. I ate more cookies than I'd care to admit to, but a minimal amount of candy, none of it from my home stash - quite impressive, considering we had zero trick-or-treaters! I've got plenty of candy and will honor trick-or-treaters all week. 

Luckily, the scale was not too much of a foe today - 0.7 lbs up, but that's to be expected during a transition back to solid foods. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the juice fast - why I did it and what I liked, what I didn't, and what I accomplished, posted tomorrow. If you have any questions for an FAQ section, please shoot them my way and I will include them in the upcoming post!

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