Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goals Wednesday

It is the first Goals Wednesday of November! I will be 25 two weeks from today! Hopefully that will be a good age for me - 24 has not been so great. 

This Goals Wednesday, I'm celebrating my accomplishments! The juice fast is such a huge thing that I wanted to do and was able to complete, and I haven't had a lot of that happening this year. I needed a win. Today, I had another win - I ran two miles! The last time I went for a two mile run was the day that my gallbladder attack happened. One minute, you're running, feeling a little nauseated, and then a few hours later, boom! You're in the ER getting a CT scan and then being told your gallbladder needs to be removed. 

Adam and I have been doing the Couch to 5K program, and last night I felt it was rather easy for me. Today, I'd been feeling stressed & restless all day. It was so nice out when I got home, and I knew the rain was coming (and now it's here), so I decided to make the most of it and go for a run. It helped calm me down and get my mind off some of the stress of this week. 

I found out yesterday that my mother has melanoma. This news has me feeling a million different and often conflicting emotions, to the point where my initial reaction was one of numbness. This comes on the heels of worries about a very close friend going through some medical uncertainty, and recent concerns about Adam's dad, who had a heart attack and double bypass surgery earlier this year. Another one of my closest friends is going through a break-up. It seems that while I am on the road back to wellness, many of those around me may be in some trouble. 

So, my goal for this week is just to be there for those in need. Lend a sympathetic ear, and try not to be my usual awkward self around other people's tragedies. That is the least I can do for others - for myself, I need to just breathe and be through all of this. I plan on focusing on the transition back to regular eating and more rigorous exercise - this is all about re-establishing a routine, which is a comforting idea in a time of so much ambiguity. 


  1. Oh my wow... I didn't know :/ I'm with you on the being there for others. Hugs.

  2. How are you doing? Remember to take care of you!