Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goals Wednesday!

So, I've decided to make Wednesday the day for posting new goals - since they're weekly, most of them will be small. Yesterday in my post about sleep, I made one small goal, which is to establish a constructive worry time: a time during the day where I get all my stressing out of the way, in the hopes it won't interfere with my sleep later. 

As an aside about that, I went to bed pretty early last night, but I was woken up a few times by the toilet running (which it has mysteriously started to do in the middle of the night) and poor temperature regulation in the bedroom. I can control both of those by remembering to turn the fan on during warmer nights - it drowns out other noises AND keeps me cool. 

But I digress. The other goal is a little bit more long term: beginning tomorrow, I'll be keeping a food journal (if you click that link before tomorrow evening, it won't be very exciting). Since I'm in the process of getting an appointment with a dietician up at OHSU (stay tuned for more on the business end of healthcare), I figure this might be something I'll be asked to do anyways. I've previously kept track of both my calorie input and output via the app Lose It!, which I highly recommend. But for now, I'm not tracking calories, just writing down what I eat. This blog post has some great tips for food journaling, but the most important to me is learning to accurately record portions. 

Part of the challenge with this food journal is that, like my weight & measurements, it's posted online - anybody with the link can view it. It keeps me honest, and will probably also keep me from overdosing on beignets. Probably. 


  1. So.. I just started reading this today and I find it interesting because I just recently made the decision to make healthier choices too. I watched fat, sick and nearly dead and immediately bought a juicer. I'll join you on your quest for a happy balanced body! :) I love reading your blogs!

  2. I love the idea of goals Wednesday! And food journals are definitely a goal. I always have trouble with those things. Good luck! I'm excited to follow along.

  3. I kept a food journal for a while and realized how repetitive my diet was. It made me branch out a bit and try new things. Although...sadly after a few weeks I stopped updating the journal. >_< oops!

  4. @Alisa - I haven't seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, but I've heard a lot about it! I'll have to check it out. I'm glad you're making some new goals too, it's always good to have people in your life you can rely on for support, whether they're around virtually or in the flesh.

    @Kaylyn - I've updated the food journal with the day so far. It might be tricky over the weekend, since I'll be in Seattle, but having all of you expecting me to keep up is great motivation!

  5. @Raina - I'm hoping the food journal will help me with those same issues! It's hard to keep at it, I successfully did it for several months in a row previously, but I was also keeping track of every calorie and that didn't end very well.