Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Postponed Until Further Notice

I've recently returned from another visit to Dr. Scott at the West Linn Family Health Center. I called and left messages there and at my office last night, when it became clear that I was not, in fact, getting any better. I think I got a little better for a couple days--Thursday was probably the best day--and then it all came crashing down. 

Dr. Scott's current theory & plan of action goes something like this: since I was feeling better for a spell, he thinks that the pneumonia was taken care of but that I've contracted some other sort of respiratory infection. I'm not sure if I buy that the pneumonia is totally gone, but we didn't another chest xray to verify. At this point, I'm being put on an inhaler and more antibiotics, and, if I'm not feeling better in the next two days, steroids. As a back-up (in case all of this doesn't make me well), I've got an appointment on October 10th to see a Dr. Ralph Juarez with Clackamas Pulmonary Specialists. 

Due to the general crappy feelings, my daily health logs and juice fast are once again postponed until further notice. Along with the rest of my regularly scheduled life.

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