Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goals Wednesday

Time to check in on my goals! I'm going to go pretty fast through what's already established, to get on to the new & exciting stuff.

I think my favorite thing so far has been the constructive worry time. I've been sticking to it this week, and I've been awesomely productive AND able to fall asleep easier! It feels good getting stuff done, and I'm always surprised at how fast it goes if I just power through it when I get home from work. Not only does it help me get to sleep easier, but I feel like I can really enjoy my evening, which is so nice. I highly recommend it.

Weight & Measurements are going well, I'm down some weight, although I'm not sure how permanently. I've been doing the calisthenics, I haven't been so good at the stretching/yoga. Something to keep working on. Keeping track of my weight and keeping the food journal definitely helps me be more aware of what I'm eating. Some things I really hate to have to write down, and it sufficiently shames me into doing it less. I'm not sure how healthy I've been about my eating habits lately, but the damn cold medicine suppresses my appetite and everything got all out of whack. What's worse is that between the unnaturally small appetite and the stuffed nasal passages, I haven't been able to enjoy my food. Half the time when I'm eating, it's just because I know I should be eating or I need to eat (that whole sustenance thing is a bitch sometimes). This is sad for me, because I love food. Not only do I love food, but I love good, natural food, and I know a good bit about it. 

Being a little down about my lack of eating enjoyment as of late, I took a recommendation from my lovely aunt Alisa and watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (the link will take you to, it's also available to watch on Netflix, which we have recently cancelled). It was a pretty moving documentary, if only because you're watching some people achieve some tremendous weight loss. It is also a great advertisement for juice extractors! Adam and I have decided that we're ordering this tomorrow:

This puppy from Hamilton Beach is pretty well-reviewed by Consumer Reports (and actual consumers, on and it is way cheaper than a lot of the other juicers I looked at. Since I've got my handy Prime membership, I'll be receiving it Saturday (or I guess Monday, at the very worst), and we can start playing around with making some juices. 

So, what does this have to do with Goals Wednesday? Adam and I have decided we're going to do a juice fast. I've signed up at RebootYourLife, so anybody who signs up should friend me! We're going to shoot for a 10-day fast, just water and juiced fruits & vegetables. I will, of course, still be taking my prescription Vitamin D and Iron supplements during this time. We are tentatively going to start this fast next Thursday, the 22nd. I think Thursday is a good starting point, since it seems that you hit your wall around day 3-4 before things get better - this will put days 3 and 4 during the weekend, where we'll be free to mope about and bitch at each other without having to interact with too many other people. Those who work in the produce section at the Seven Corners New Seasons may want to watch out. 

The goal for this week is simply to buy the juicer, call my doctor, and make sure we've got everything in order. The beginning of next week through Goals Wednesday, we should be weaning ourselves down from our normal doses of caffeine & alcohol. The RebootYourLife site also recommends eating less animal products, so for me, that means lessening the cheese intake. I think the no caffeine part of this will be hardest, but we'll see -- I've never gone that long without solid food. 

What I'm hoping to get out of the juice fast is a detox/reboot, as advertised. Adam is hoping to shed some pounds, and I think we'd both like a fresh start where food is concerned. If I can come out of the juice fast able to appreciate a good meal again, even if I don't lose a single pound and my skin isn't glowing, it would totally be worth it.

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  1. Caffeine is definently the hardest part.. The foggy head and the painful headaches are just a reminder that your body is withdrawling. Sorry I missed this post, I'm so glad you watched it! Very motivating movie! Let me know when you start your clense. I might jump on with you. :)