Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goals Wednesday: Thursday Edition

Between the cold I'm nursing and the heat, I wasn't able to get to Goals Wednesday on Wednesday. I wasn't able to get to much of anything, really - after I got home, I took a nap, got up long enough to eat and watch a couple TV episodes, then went back to sleep, or something resembling sleep, anyway. The heat isn't super conducive to sleep. 

Anyway, let's check in! Last week, I decided to establish a food journal and a constructive worry time. I've been doing better with the food journal than the constructive worry time, although the constructive worry time is definitely helping. When I take the time to tackle some of the day-to-day issues & stress, it helps me relax and get to sleep faster when I go to bed. The food journal is not really helping me relax. It's a little irritating to pause every time I put something in my mouth & jot it down, then update it online later. I'm hoping I'll get used to it and find a way to journal that works better, because I prefer to enjoy my food. I love food! This past week hasn't been my best, diet-wise, between the vacation and Adam & I being too sick and/or tired to really make good meals. 

As for my original goals, I've been keeping up with my weight & measurements. This one seems to be easier, and I somewhat enjoy keeping tabs on what's happening with my body - even when I get on the scale and it says I've gained weight. I think it helps me pinpoint what causes bloat and what I can do to avoid it. So far, so good. Adam hasn't been quite as dedicated as I have been, but he actually was excited to take his body test on Tuesday, so there's progress being made!

Now, I've been thinking about what my new goal this week should be, and I think it's time to throw a little exercise in the mix. I still haven't seen a dietician or gotten follow-up blood work that will give me the doctor's permission to go ahead with a full exercise plan again, but we'll start simple: some daily calisthenics & stretching. Starting tomorrow, when I take my daily body test on the Wii, I'll also do some sit-ups and wall push-ups. I'll start slow, and build over time. I'm not sure what starting slow will mean to me, but I'll do reps of ten and see how it feels and let you guys know! I used to do a few yoga poses before bed, and it helped work out any muscle kinks and relax my body for sleep, so that's back in the mix, too. This shouldn't take me more than a total of 10-15 minutes per day, but I'm hoping it'll help my energy level. Besides, it will feel good to be doing something again. 

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  1. I'm not sure what kind of phone you have or if this particular app is even free (though I'm 99% sure it is) I know that SparkPeople ( has a downloadable food journal app for smart phones. The food journal on the site itself is easy to use and has the nutrition information for tons of foods already logged in. Worth checking out at least. And I'm sure there are some other similar apps out there too. If you could find one that linked to an online food journal page, maybe it could sync up automatically. I'm just throwing ideas out there.
    I hope your goals have been going well this week!