Sunday, October 23, 2011

Juice Fast: Update #3

We are just over halfway through Day 4, and not doing so well. I started out feeling good today, then Adam and I went on a 38 minute walk--a walk that went by various restaurants. My sense of smell has definitely been heightened on the juice fast. When we got back, I felt hungry and a little light-headed. I'm sipping on some juice and water w/ coconut juice & lemon and feeling a little better. 

Adam turned on the TV to watch some NFL, and I had to have him turn it off, because watching football makes me want to eat like you wouldn't believe. The food cravings have really started to hit for me - I really want something starchy and hot and delicious. Adam can tell that I'm nearing a breaking point and more or less trying to push me over, so we'll see how it goes from here on out. 

In better news, Adam lost just over 3lbs since the fast started. We'll be weighing ourselves again in a few hours, but that's very encouraging!

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  1. Just think of your walk as a snack. Most of our taste comes from smell anyways and it sounds like you enjoyed quite the variety of smells! You can do this!