Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Juice Fast: Update #6/Goals Wednesday

Well look at this, we're closing in on the end of day 7! To be honest, I've been craving some food today. You know what makes me want to eat & drink the most? The cold. It's been so cold today. It was freezing in my office all day, and it's freezing at home. Seriously. I'm wearing two sweaters and two pairs of socks and I'm still chilly. I had been hoping not to turn the heat on until November, but I may have to break with that idea because I can't stand the cold much longer!

To cope with the overbearing chilliness, I downed some serious tea today. I had both a lemon-ginger herbal tea and a roobis-hibiscus (among other things) tea; both non-caffeinated. I've had more juice today, although it's difficult to have cold juice when you're cold all the time. I can't imagine how people can do these reboots in the dead of winter. I'm tempted to make some juice that might taste good warm, although I know the point of the reboot is to be eating raw fruits & vegetables. 

Okay, I turned the heat on. My fingers were getting too chilly just typing this. 

Where were we? Oh yes, time for goals! This week it's fairly easy:

1) Finish out the juice fast
2) Resume food journaling when I resume eating solid foods. I would've done it sooner, but it seems pointless to try and keep track of all the juice. 
3) Look into personal trainers, and if there are any out there I can afford. I caught an episode of I Used to Be Fat for the first time last night, and it really made me want to work with a personal trainer. I definitely couldn't afford to do it indefinitely, but maybe a few sessions, just to learn some tips & tricks. I'd like to get back into some strength training anyway. 

And that's it for now!

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