Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

But I'm back! 

I'm giving myself a big pat on the back for making it through my first full workweek since the week prior to Labor Day without getting sick. I am done with my antibiotics AND done with my steroids. I'm canceling my appointment with Clackamas Pulmonary Specialists, because as of now, I seem to be better!

I'm still not 100% well to be sure...I walked home yesterday due to the Occupy Portland protests causing some major Tri-Met delays, and by the time I got home I was light-headed, nauseated, and quite dizzy. My lungs are still not functioning at full capacity. But I made it through work, and I even went out on Wednesday evening. 

A couple weeks ago, walking home after picking up some of my many prescriptions, I decided to stop in Division Wines, which is finally open. I had a lovely chat with Will, one of the owners, and picked up a totally cheap ($11) and delicious-sounding white wine from Italy. I also signed up for their e-mail list, so I was excited to see that they were doing a wine tasting this Wednesday night. Adam was supposed to be Go-Karting with co-workers, and several of my friends & I are taking an Italian wine class at Every Day Wine (another great wine establishment) this Sunday, so that pretty much left my dad - after some wheedling, he agreed to go. 

I got there earlier than he did, but the place was already filling up. I paid for my wine tasting and started off with a sparkling wine grown somewhere near Veneto. It wasn't great, to be honest, and the wine I had bought a couple weeks prior (and just opened--it's no fun drinking wine if you can't taste anything, plus you're not really supposed to be boozing when you're on most antibiotics) was much better. But I struck up a conversation with some people sitting nearby and was generally having a great time by the time my dad got there. 

We had a rather awesome evening--turns out my dad used to work with the owners of the wine shop, and we made a couple new friends as well. The wine tasting was an awesome value--it was only $10, we tasted 8 wines and there were cheeses, nuts, cured meats (none for me, but good for wine tasting), etc. to snack on. I wasn't impressed with the selection of whites at all, but the reds were all good and very interesting. The theme was supposed to be "off the beaten path," which definitely came through, and it's so apt for Italian wines. Italy grows more grape varietals than any other country in the world. 

Sometime soon I will have some of my more in-depth entries on wine (and booze in general), the idea of "slow fashion," and more! I hope to get back in the groove of daily weigh-ins and food journaling, and Adam and I want to start an exercise program soon (maybe next week)--but for now, I'm just trying to ease back into my life. So far, so good!


  1. Im so glad to hear you're finally feeling better! It has been a long time coming for sure.
    I've always wanted to go wine tasting, though I don't actually want to taste the wine since I'm a non drinker. I just really want to tour the winery and learn more about it but I really think it would be pointless for me if I wasn't actually going to taste anything. Oh well, I shall live vicariously through you! haha

  2. Hi Rahnia,

    I enjoy your blog, and am sorry to hear you've been dealing with a debilitating illness.

    I hope your road to recovery gets better and that you can maintain enough energy to continue to blog. While I don't have an illness to deal with, I relate to a lot of the things you talk about.

    Keep it up :]


  3. I want to learn more about wine! I found a red wine the other day at new seasons called "Raina" so I bought it. Now I have an awesome wine bottle with my name on it ;-)

  4. Chelsea - thanks for the support! I'm starting to get back into gear, which is very exciting : )

    Kaylyn - I love the wine classes I've taken because you learn so much about the process of growing the grapes and making the wine. I do agree it would be a little silly if you're not actually going to taste the wine, but if you ever decide to come to the other side--maybe a little beer, a little wine--you'd probably like it! I love hearing and talking about European wines and European culture because they have such a different attitude towards alcohol in general and its place in life, and I love that.

    Raina - I've seen that wine! I don't think I've ever had it, though. If you're interested I'll let you know next time I'm going to a class or a tasting, they're super fun.