Thursday, October 27, 2011

Juice Fast: Update #7

Well, Day 8 didn't have the greatest start. I overslept. Not a big deal, it's not like I get in some huge amount of trouble or anything, I just end up super pissed at myself. It's not a good feeling when you wake up only to realize it's 6:40 and you were supposed to be to work at 6. Yup. I was an hour and a half late, which means I had to stay an hour and a half later. No fun for me. 

Normally I end up passing out early on Thursdays - I'll admit to staying up too late on weeknights recently, and it catches up with me at some point, and I sleep and sleep. But, for the past two weeks, it's been Wednesday when my body spontaneously decides to catch up on its much-needed sleep. Clearly, I need to address this on a Goals Wednesday sometime soon - this is not a sustainable choice that I've been making. 

But, back to the juicing. Today has been good, despite the rough start. I finished out the juice I had at work, I need to make just one large cup tonight for tomorrow, since I'll only be at work for four hours. It's much better to have the juice fresh - it tastes better, it is allegedly better for you - but that's not really feasible during the work day. I'm really proud that I haven't had to buy any juices at the store, like Naked or Odwalla--I've been really good about making sure I'm stocked with juice at work. 

Also, as of today - check it out - I am down twenty pounds from my start weight in August! That's pretty awesome! I've lost about six pounds on the fast itself - I expect to gain some of that weight back, but if I can keep off any of this weight loss over the holidays, I'll consider it a win.

Now I'm going to warn you not to read any further if you don't want TMI. Consider yourself warned. 

You sure?

Okay. So, I've been pretty constipated throughout this juice fast. I had only made one bowel movement the entire time. I find that to be incredible, considering that I read all sort of stories along the lines of "And there was disgusting muck shooting out of me hourly for three days! I lost eight pounds!" There is also the rather graphic description available on this episode of This American Life (act 2). 

I had read in some forums on Join The Reboot and in my Facebook group for Rebooters that three things could help me get things moving:

  • Drink water. Check. I've been drinking hilarious amounts of water.
  • Juice some papaya. I put it in my breakfast juice yesterday morning. I put quite a lot, actually. When, by yesterday evening, I still had no results, I went to...
  • Drink Senna tea. Senna leaf is a natural laxative, often used in teas or other infusions. I had some yesterday evening. 

Still, no success! Until I got home from work today, and finally, I produced something. I still don't get the feeling that my colon is clean as a whistle, but I feel much better. Adam & I were talking about how we hadn't had that "cleaning out" effect so many other people described - even V, who is drinking the exact same juice we are, since I make it for all of us. Adam suspects it's due to our normal diets, especially our lack of meat consumption. I suppose he might be right. We can speculate, but who knows. I'm just glad that something finally worked for me, because I was starting to get very concerned for my poor colon.

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