Monday, October 24, 2011

Juice Fast: Update #4

Well folks, day 5 is drawing to a close. Sometime yesterday in the late afternoon/early evening, Adam and I had a bit of a turning point where we both started to feel better. I went to the Tao of Tea with a dear friend who is leaving for Spain on Wednesday and spent a couple hours with a pot of verveine tea (no caffeine!) that was quite pleasant. 

Today was easier. A ten hour work day certainly keeps you distracted from food cravings. It gets less easy when you come home and your sister is devouring a large chocolate bar on your couch, but I've managed. 

The best part probably came when I got on the ol' Wii Fit to do my weigh-in this evening - guess who has a BMI in the normal range for the first time in...well...probably 6 years?! This lady! Adam is also dropping weight - you can check out the Weight & Measurements doc for more specifics. 

We are considering adapting the rest of our fast and allowing for small bits of strictly vegan food in the evenings. Truth be told, the weight loss is so encouraging that it may help me get through the last half of the fast - but, we shall see. I've been dreaming of the valencia almonds I plan to have to break my fast for quite some time now. 

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