Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Juice Fast: Update #5

It almost the end of Day 6 and we're still going strong!

In the end, Adam decided to go ahead with our tentative plan to eat a small meal at night and still juice during the day - I'm still doing all juice, all the time, as is V. One of our co-workers came by to taunt us not once but twice with stories of his burrito from Laughing Planet that he had for lunch. This is particularly cruel, as I've really been wanting to go there - I love Laughing Planet, and one just opened by my work! Oh, well. Next week. 

Today seemed easier than yesterday. I feel like I can make it the last four days. At least, that's how I feel right now. I can't thank all of you who read and comment and give me words of support - I'm sure I wouldn't have made it this long without all of you! It's also great that I have support at work and at home, although, now that Adam is eating in the evenings, that dynamic has changed a bit. Still, he is very supportive, unlike certain little sisters who have taunted me with chocolate. 

I've checked out a few other blogs related to juicing, and many of them like to post recipes. I don't really use recipes or make them - I kind of chop up a bunch of stuff and toss it in the juicer until it tastes good. If it doesn't taste good, some apple, ginger, and lemon will fix that! 

Adam made us a delectable treat the other day though - he juiced pineapple and mixed it with coconut juice and a dash of orange bitters. It was a sweet treat that felt and tasted like a regular beverage and not the thick juice we're usually consuming. We've also both been very fond of drinking coconut juice mixed with water and some lemon juice. While I like coconut juice/water (whatever you want to call it), sometimes there is something in the flavor that I can't quite pinpoint, but I don't like. When you water it down and add the lemon, you get the lemon up front and coconut in the aftertaste, which is basically perfect. 

I did just make a juice for tomorrow morning - it was a little more fruit intensive then I generally go (the pineapple & coconut juice concoction notwithstanding), but I felt like it would be a good way to start day 7. It's got papaya, cantaloupe, cranberries, kale, apples, and a big helping of ginger. The papaya, when raw, is a little bitter, but it makes a delightfully thick juice. 

I also have to say that butternut squash makes excellent juice, just on its own. I can't think of many things I don't love about squash - the fact that so many kinds are in season right now, they keep forever, and they produce a lot of juice, I'm pretty happy with all the squash I've been consuming. 

Those of who read this and juice - what are some of your favorite combinations? I'd hate to get stuck in a rut these last few days.

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  1. When I get stuck or bored I default to carrots. I know...Carrots?. But for some reason carrot juice makes me feel really refreshed. my all time favorite is pineapple with pretty much anything :) you are doing awesome. Sooo proud of you.!